Magical music, vocals and lyrics

Linguist by my head - singer by my heart

I speak six languages (Romanian, English, German, Italian, French and Spanish) and I have a BA in translating and interpreting for the first three. Learning foreign languages has always come easy to me. In addition I have an ear for singing in tongues, whichever they may be; I have even sung in Finnish, Japanese, Afrikaans and African, although I don't speak them, as well as various fantasy languages.

So, how does a translator transform into a musician, you ask? Well, after working for many years as a translator and interpreter, I began specializing in translating and tweaking lyrics because, although my head is that of a linguist, my heart was and always will be that of a singer and this was an elegant and also fun way of combining the two tendencies.

Music and singing have been in my heart for as long as I know. They turned from a hobby into my profession when their voices became too loud to be ignored anymore. And they were singing in harmony, in all the languages I know... and many others!

I started singing on the Bandhub musician collaboration platform, with people all around the world. Then I was recommended the Fiverr freelancer platform, which has enabled me to turn music into a profession and really develop as an artist.

Lead vocals and harmonizing

As I have already mentioned, I am a freelance musician. I took part in numerous musical projects, lending my vocals to various tracks by other freelance artists, or making original compositions and arrangements, together with my husband Alf.

I have a beautiful soprano voice. It sounds sweet and angel-like. My alto and mezzo are also very warm. My comfortable vocal range goes from E3 to B6. Aside from lead vocals, I can also do harmonies and back-up vocals. 

Children songs

My voice is perfect for singing nursery rhymes. I have also worked with children in my earlier years, so that I know how to reach their hearts.

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